Who We Are


OJO Derecho is a multimedia studio based in Lima, Perú. We produce high quality professional photography and multimedia pieces. Raised within the documentary tradition, professionals at Ojo Derecho are fully experienced in covering politics, sports, culture, social issues, tourism, ecology, architecture, etc.

Portrait is one of the visual arts we are interested in; we are decided to portray lonely people as well as families with pets and CEO´s who have no more than five minutes for the camera.

Multimedia – a powerful tool that brings together photography, video, audio and text – is here to stay. At OJO Derecho we research and develop the potential of this new language, creating pieces that conscisely tell all kind of stories.

Unknown stories, unusual stories, and why not, everyday stories too. At OJO Derecho we like to portray souls, not just bodies. We like to capture feelings, not only moments. We like to enjoy what we do and we like to make our clients enjoy working with us.


We enjoy creating. We enjoy communicating.


Cecilia Larrabure
Creative Director