Emptiness aims to document, through photographs and interviews, the lives of a group of orphans whose relatives were killed during the war between Shinning Path guerrila group and the Peruvian state, held between 1980 and the 90´s.

In 1992 Abimael Guzman, Shining Path´s leader, was captured in a middle class neighborhood in Lima. This highlighted not only the group´s defeat but also its disarmament. Peru headed towards a new age of peace, nevertheless democracy was seriously threatened under Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos´dictatorial regime, due to huge corruption and human rights and freedom of speech severe violations.

Within that context the orphan´s survival turned even harder; the book highlights the lack of mental health programs directed to help these citizens treat properly the many traumas they deal with daily and that, if not treated in time, will contribute to generate more violence.

Emptiness aims to give a voice to the wishes and fears and to the conflicts and dreams of a group of Peruvians who all of a sudden were left alone in the world, with little tools for their future.